Percentage of Those Underrepresented in Medicine in The Physician Workforce
Percentage of Those Underrepresented in Medicine in Medical School
Percentage of Female in the Physician Workforce
Percentage of Those Identifying as LGBTQ+ in The Physician Workforce


Ensuring underrepresented students do not lack resources in their pursuit for excellence.


Ensuring underrepresented students are properly informed in order to increase their chances of success.


Ensuring underrepresented students are exposed to and encouraged by others' who look like them.

What is Greater Influence, Inc.?

A Solution

Greater Influence is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase representation in medicine by providing resources. We aim to do so by investing in, informing, and inspiring the next generation of diverse physicians.

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15 Dec

Mind Boxes

What is “normal”? Normal implies that something has happened over and […]

26 Feb

MCAT Prep Materials For 500 Underrepresented Students Donation Campaign

We are on a mission to provide individuals who are underrepresented in medicine with free test prep!

We will open the scholarship application and begin giving away materials to students on Thursday, April 1st, 2021.

26 Feb

Operational Costs Donation Campaign

We are a nonprofit organization that operates solely on donations for generous contributors like yourself! We need your assistance in order to cover fees for website maintenance programming materials, and other operational costs. All of our leaders serve on a volunteer basis and any remaining funds will be donated to the MCAT Preparation Scholarship.

1 Feb

(Publication) “Defining the Inclusive Leader: Paths Not Walls” by Tino Mkorombindo

Published in Louisville Medicine. In their well-intentioned efforts to […]

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