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Required Courses to Get into Medical School

Tino Mkorombindo is a third year MD/MBA candidate at the University of Louisville School of Medicine/College of Business. You can follow him on instagram, twitter, or linkedin.

No matter what major you decide to pursue, going into medical school will still be possible if you take the basic prerequisite classes listed below. However, its important to understand that there is great value in challenging yourself and taking upper level science courses! In addition to allowing you to further delve into foundations that medical school curriculum is based on, having those harder classes on your transcript can make a very positive impact on your application when it is in front of a medical school admissions committee. 


Additionally, some of the courses that are not required for application are necessary for the Medical College Admissions Test. Below, we’ve listed these courses along with helpful links. We also recommnd that you visit the actual website of the school’s you are interested in attending; certain schools may have additional requirements. Schools may also change their requirements and these changes may not be reflected by outside resources. 


It is important to note that you do not need to completed every course in order to apply. As long as these course are on your transcript and you will complete them prior to the start of medical school, you are good!

Basic Prerequisites
  • General Chemistry I and II + Labs

  • Organic Chemistry I and II + Labs

  • 1 year of Biology + Labs 

  • Physics I and II + Labs

  • Biochemistry I (No lab requirement

  • 1 cours of Mathematics: Statistics or Calculus


Strongly Suggested Courses + MCAT courses
  • Additional upper level biology courses

    • Cell Biology

    • Molecular Biology

    • Human Anatomy

    • Introduction to Human Physiology

  • Sociology

  • Psychology

  • Medical Humanities Courses: Ethics, Medical Ethics, Public Health or Latin.

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