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Our mission is simple: Create a level playing field

We are thrilled to look back at the incredible journey that has brought us to where we are today. Our mission has always been to inspire and empower students everywhere to reach their fullest potential. Though we started small, driven by passion and commitment, we have grown into a powerful national organization with a profound impact on so many students’ lives. It has been an incredible adventure, full of challenges and opportunities, but with every step forward, we have seen the transformational power of education and community in action. We are proud of our work, and we want to share our story of innovation and dedication to inspire others to aim high and reach for the stars. Let’s continue to make a difference, one student at a time!

January 2018

Humble beginnings

Tino has always been passionate about empowering others and inspiring them to achieve their dreams. He carries this fervor with him wherever he goes, and it only grew stronger when he entered medical school in 2017.

As Tino sought to help high school and college students in the Louisville area pursue their aspirations in medicine, he recognized that there was a lack of information, resources, and mentorship for many talented and intelligent minority students, preventing them from fulfilling their potential.

After much discussion with his close friend and mentor, Stephen Canton, the duo set out to develop an imapctful mentorship program that provides underrepresented students with the necessary tools they need to succeed in their careers in medicine.

March 2018

HBCU roots

Tino traveled to his alma mater, HBCU Oakwood University, for a great purpose. He spent three days with underrepresented undergraduate students, imparting his experience and knowledge on applications, mock interviews, and offering personalized advice to help them succeed. On the final day, he delivered a keynote speech titled “What I Wish I Knew” to over 200 students. The event made an enormous impact and set the tone for what was to come. Interested students signed up to be paired with a mentor in the hope of providing students with better information, resources, and mentors..

April 2018

Launching our mentorship program

Stephen and Tino’s mentorship program was launched, matching the minority undergraduate Oakwood University students with University of Louisville medical students. This partnership proved mutually beneficial with the undergraduate students gaining fantastic mentors and medical students enhancing their cultural competency and learning about unique challenges faced by diverse students. The program emphasized educating the students on how to be a good mentee and teaching them how to cultivate relationships. The program was very successful, with several participants going on to medical and graduate programs.

December 2019

Thinking bigger

The duo took a bold step and decided to make a difference. Tino’s courageous choice to take a one-year break from medical school to obtain his MBA showcased his unwavering confidence in his abilities to develop as a leader in healthcare. His deep passion and determination, coupled with Stephen’s support, allowed them to build a team of like-minded individuals who shared their vision for making an impact. With impressive initiative, they filed a petition to become a nonprofit with the pro-bono work of lawyer Jack Seiffert. Without hesitation, they built the organization and its website, embodying Tino’s fearless attitude. His confidence in the nonprofit’s success made it easy for others to believe in their mission. Stephen and Tino’s exceptional leadership skills were sure to make the organization an exemplary model of change.

April 17, 2020

Our official launch

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the world and derailed our plans for our organization. However, we were determined to still help others, and we were not going to let it stop us.

Our hard work and determination led us to this exciting point, and we were eager to take on any challenges that came our way. Exciting new endeavors were waiting for us on the other side, and we were and still are confident that our skills and abilities will help us achieve success.

August 20, 2020

Our first major event

We partnered with QuarantineCon to present the first-ever “Higher Education Day” which was a roaring success! We hosted over 500 individuals from across the country for a 4-hour mid-week webinar, discussing careers in medicine and dentistry. Our esteemed panel comprised of medical and dental admissions directors, practicing physicians and dentists, and students who offered insights and inspiration. The event was so well-received that we continue to host webinars and events on a variety of topics, including health and wellness, faith in medicine, and how to make the most of your summer.

April 2021,

Our first scholarship giveaway

Our team worked tirelessly to achieve our primary aim of providing aspiring students with the best possible opportunities to succeed.Through our partnership with Kaplan Test Prep and numerous donors, we were able to offer our first applicant with a complimentary premium MCAT prep package. This accomplishment has served as the foundation of our organization, and we continue our scholarship application cycles.

March 2022


Tino’s hard work and dedication paid off as he landed his dream job in his dream location. He was going to Harvard to train to become an Orthopedic Surgeon!

Recognizing the demands of residency, Tino stepped back from his active role to a position on the Board to focus on his residency training. Under the guidance of Dele Osisami, the new President, and his team, Tino had no doubt that the organization would reach new heights. 

April 17, 2023

Exceeding Expectations

Our organization has thrived under the leadership of our new team. With Consuela and Chelese leading the charge, we’ve awarded scholarships to deserving students. JaNeil, Patria, Kui, and their mentorship team have also brought fantastic ideas to the table, like Dinner with A Doctor mentorship initiative. Meanwhile, Dele and Andrew have strengthened our infrastructure to ensure the organization’s success for years to come. Our team has exceeded all expectations, and we couldn’t be more confident in our ability to continue making a positive impact. Looking forward, we have reasons to be filled with excitement and hope. Let’s keep up the great work!

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