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As someone who is interested in pursuing a career in medicine, it is essential to understand that taking tests is a critical component of the training. From the early stages of your educational journey, assessments of your knowledge, skills, and abilities are implemented as indicators of your capacity to succeed in the field. As you progress, you will encounter various standardized tests, such as the ACT and SATs, and then later on, the MCAT, Step 1-3, and Finally, Board Exams. These tests are designed to ensure that only the most qualified individuals are allowed to practice medicine. They also serve as a barrier to those who do not have the resources to obtain premium preparation materials.

Despite the importance of these tests, many students shy away from them, and others are satisfied with sub-par scores. This is where we at Greater influence come in. We want our students to embrace the challenge of taking these tests and achieve the best scores possible. That is why we are proud to offer free MCAT Prep scholarships to underrepresented students who may not have access to the resources needed to prepare adequately for these tests. By partnering with us, we can help bridge the gap and provide students with the support and resources necessary to succeed in their careers.

MCAT Prep Bundle Ultimate Package:

10 realistic full-length practice tests
12 months of access to your online resources
7-book subject review set
A 3,000+ question Qbank with customizable quizzes
In-depth explanations for each question
Detailed score reports that show you where to focus
The mobile companion app to practice on-the-go