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Our mission is to level the playing field

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Why we do what we do - the reasons for our work

“Doctors who are fluent in their patient’s languages and the broader cultural context of gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic conditions are better equipped to address the needs and health disparities among specific populations.”
– Wiederhorn & Milan

Our Mission

To increase representation in medicine by providing access to scholarships, resources, and mentorship

Our Vision

To inform, inspire, and invest in the next diverse physicians and leaders

Our Core Values

To develop future leaders, promote diversity and inclusion, and encourage holistic growth



We offer new and exciting ways for people to connect and learn from each other, such as discussions, online workshops, and other helpful events that bring people together.


Our goal is to create equal opportunities, foster innovation, and broaden perspectives for underrepresented individuals who face barriers in obtaining medical education.

Speaking Engagements

Our experienced and passionate team of storytellers are available to bring excitement and innovation into your classrooms or program.


We collaborate to extend our reach for reliable information and free resources by continuously innovating to increase the quality and breadth of our services.

Tirelessly working to address systemic inequities in medical education

We believe that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic or racial background, deserves acess to support and resources through their journey in medicine

Greater Influence, Inc. is a beacon of hope in our community. Our vital mission to increase representation in medicine for underrepresented groups inspires us every day, and we know that we will achieve it. Our dedicated team of volunteers and staff work passionately to drive change, and we are proud of the work we have accomplished since our inception in 2020.

We have cultivated meaningful partnerships with leading organizations, and have raised substantial funds to provide access to scholarships, resources, and mentorship for students seeking a career in medicine. We are thrilled to host virtual and in-person events that offer invaluable career coaching for aspiring professionals. Thanks to our hardworking directors and engaged community partners, we have achieved incredible success. We are grateful for our supporters, and every donation we receive is a step towards creating a bright future for the next generation of underrepresented medical professionals. Together, we will make a positive difference!

Where can you find us?

Our organization has been leaving an indelible mark in the lives of people around the world since our inception in Louisville, KY. Our virtual webinars have been a great success and have attracted hundreds of participants. We’ve been able to host both personal and virtual events with ease, and our scholarships have enabled us to reach people throughout the country. Our impact is extensive and far-reaching! With our friendly leaders and volunteers located in various parts of the country, from thriving Boston and New York City to snowy Minneapolis and sunny Atlanta, you or your students can always feel confident in approaching us for assistance. We’re always happy to lend a helping hand!

We are locally rooted and nationally connected

What makes us different?

Leaders you can trust

Our leadership of confident, young and diverse professionals are fully equipped to provide students with innovative techniques to meet their needs. Having gone through or recently completed the journey, we have a deep understanding of what students require.

Training and support

We are thrilled to offer an extensive range of tools, training, and support to empower students in finding their perfect mentors and resources. Our career development program is unparalleled and ready to be unveiled. With unwavering confidence in our offerings, students can be assured that they will receive the necessary guidance to succeed, thrive and achieve their dreams. We believe in our services, and we know that what we offer will undoubtedly help students realize their fullest potentials.

Customized programs

We develop top-notch health and educational programs, designed to serve local communities. Our resources guarantee a significant impact on the lives of many. We are committed to providing support, guidance, and a brighter, more prosperous future. Trust our collective expertise to make a difference.

Positive Energy

We provide a supportive environment that enables students to thrive and succeed. Although the journey may be challenging, we emphasize and highlight the positive aspects.

Why is this Work important?

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